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My motivation


A few months past, I had the opportunity to proofread a great friend’s article before publication. The entire process was fascinating. The sheer thought that this piece of writing was going to help someone immensely one way or another enticed me so much I wanted to try it. Aside the popular saying “just do it”, here are my top reasons for starting a blog.

Knowledge sharing

This had to be first, of course. One of the best parts of software development is the plethora of information made available by communities for free. When I began my journey as a software developer. It intrigued me how quickly I found solutions to problems on various subjects on discord, blogs a google search away, and you guessed it stack overflow to name a few. It is fair to say I owe it to a piece of this large community and to people who have just begun to share what I have learnt over the years.

Staying up-to-date/Keeping informed

The Software development industry is constantly undergoing metamorphosis. Isn’t this amazing !. Reason being, you can often learn from paradigms, idea and initiatives embedded in emerging software. There is the “downside” especially known in frontend web development. “Too much to learn ?“, Just-in-time learning is a simple approach that has worked wonders for me 😛. I think content creation is a great way to stay informed. It involves a considerable amount of research, validation and exposure to a wide range of subjects.


A portfolio can be a great way to show potential employers and or clients what you do. For a developer, it usually takes the form of a website showcasing your best work. However, I cannot attribute being a developer now to the fact that I had a pretty portfolio showcasing things I’d built in the past, pun intended. I had my first development job because someone decided to take a chance in my uncertain abilities 😅 coupled with small contributions to the open source community on github. A technical blog post for a portfolio is not only a great way to contribute to the community, but it also impresses interviewers, I have seen it!. It provides a platform to express to any depth the technicality of any chosen topic. PS This may not appeal too much to non-tech oriented clients, try the pretty alternative 🌹.

Lernen durch Lehren

Learning by teaching is an approach developed by the French language teacher Jean-Pol Martin in German schools in the 1980s. Martin says it better than I could do. But here is a summary. By teaching, we learn. Putting yourself in a teaching position impact one’s expertise and knowledge. Enforcing a deeper understanding of the subject material and presenting a chance to increase your observational and interpersonal skills. Sounds tasty? Let us begin this journey together, sharing the wealth of knowledge we have ascertained.

Well folks, there we go. Some of the things that have motivated me to make this publication. This is the first publication of this kind I have done If you find any language construct that can be improved, please feel free to open an issue or create PR here. Until next time stay vigilant and keep learning one byte at a time.

Published on September 2019