About me

Hi, Iā€™m Gregory a self-taught software developer eager to build amazing software with the latest technology stack.

Howdy and welcome šŸ˜ƒ. I am a frontend software developer with a decent number of years of software development experience, delivering functional and responsive web applications and user interface solutions.

Before then I worked and studied as a pharmacy student. Over time, I discovered that building software provided the mental stimulation I needed to survive as an enthusiatic being and it paid well too šŸ˜…. I picked up a book and 6 months after I could confidently call myself a developer. I have lived happily ever after. I have picked up a couple of web technologies, I have favourites of course šŸ˜› but I would pretty much work in any framework or language that suits the task at hand. For those I am unfamiliar with, Godspeed āš”ļø !.

I contribute to open source projects in my spare time and currently a collaborator to the react-native-elements library. Outside of that, I love fidgeting with game consoles for balance sake šŸ•¹.